I'm Devin Taylor, a personal development enthusiast, and a certified self-love + mindset coach and practitioner. My desire is to inspire others to love + appreciate every bit of themselves. 

So here's the deal, I've struggled with completely loving myself + my self-worth for as long as I can remember. Growing up extremely shy + introverted doesn't exactly scream overwhelming confidence. For years I saw myself + my personality as being weird + completely different from everyone else. Because of that, I would retreat into a shell + not share my true self with the world. I know, crazy right! Listen though, I finally got fed up with living out of fear + knowing who I truly was, and keeping that hidden. So I did something about it, I sought God, did the inner work + changed how I saw myself . . . I started the journey to self-love.

What most people don't know is I'm a proud book worm + organization nerd, yes all things organization makes me happy! On any given day you can find me roller skating, behind my camera lens, or going down the rabbit hole that is called YouTube. 

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As I said, I didn't have the best confidence in the world. To be real, I had really low self-esteem, so bad I would avoid social settings + spend my days in my room binge watching my favorite show at the time. I was quarantining before that was the thing to do.

Even though I was as introverted as they get, I've always had a curious mind + wanderlust spirit. So this California girl moved clear across the country to Atlanta, Georgia to attend Spelman College. It was there where I really gained my independence. It's also where lost my identity 

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