Holi Festival of Colours

Victory of good over evil

This past weekend I went to the Holi Festival of Colours in Los Angeles, which was amazing I must say. Now I always wanted to do the Graffiti Run but never could manage to go because of time and scheduling. So when I heard about Holi Fest, only no running, I was definitely on a mission to go. See, me and running . . . we have a complicated relationship. I use to run track in high school, which is why our relationship is so complicated. That's a whole other post for a whole other day. 

This festival I just couldn't miss because it incorporated two of my favorite things: music and good vibes. I swear I must have been a flower childin a past life or something. Anyways, Holi Festival of Colours is a major festival that takes place in India. It teaches humankind to transcend & forget past transgressions & come together to celebrate the warmth and high spirits. It is also referred to the Festival of Love& signifies the victory of good over evil, a good harvest, & to love, forgive & forget.

Before attending this festival I honestly can say I didn't know something like this existed. How amazing is that to have a day where everyone genuinely comes together on a mass scale to show love and unity. To throw away hate, past hurt, past pain, and just love & celebrate one another. It's insane how in America, a place with so many people from so many different backgrounds, has nothing like that. 

We live in a nation that is so culturally diverse, but yet we are so culturally divided. 

Something is definitely wrong with that picture.

Have any of you ever been to Holi Fest or the Graffiti Run? How did you like the experience? I want to know!


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