how to stay inspired

One thing that has been a constant battle over this past couple of months, yes I said months,has been staying inspired. Now I know this is something that people battle with on a day to day and I'm certainly not the only one out there in an inspiration rut. Take this blog for instance. I literally haven't been in the right headspaceto write. Not because I'm lazy or just simply do not want to write. It has been because I cannot seem to put the pen to paper to do it. It's hard to stay inspired when the day to day stresses in life are pulling the focus away from the goals I have set for myself. And for me, that is not good because I constantly need to be working towards something. I need inspiration to function.

What helps me in times like these are 5simple things I implement in my everyday routine:

01. Listen to a Podcast

This is something I just started doing this year and I can't even begin to tell you how it has changed my life, my spiritual walk, and my business mindset. It's like my own little advice or therapy session because so many life nuggetsare being dropped in these podcasts. And the best part is that it takes no effort on your part, just open ears. I'll listen to a podcast while I'm driving, in the shower, and even while cleaning. There is a podcast for just about any and everything. Some of my favorite podcasts are The Skinny Confidential: Him & Her Podcast, TD Jakes Podcast and Paychecks & Balances, just to name a few. It's about finding the ones that peak your interest.

02. Read a book a month . . . or more

Yes, I admit I am one of those people who love to have my nose in a book. I'm not much of a Kindle digital reader. I like to have a book in hand and physically turn the pages. I guess I'm old fashioned that way. Reading is a past time that has always kept me inspired. It allows me to escape my thoughts and travel somewhere outside of myself. When I was younger I would read a lot of fiction and nonfiction books. As I get older I find myself turning to books I can pull from to improve myself; mind, body and soul and my business.

03. Study your craft

Whatever it is you're interested in, study it! Find others who are doing what you want to do and study them. I love to read and follow other blogs because it inspires me to see other people doing what they love. To see, feel or read the passionbehind what they do only pushes me forward to continue to go after my dreams and aspirations. Whether you love writing, music or photography, immerse yourself in it and see what it does for your life.

04. Join an FB or MeetUp group/community

Much like podcasts, there are groups for just about any and everything. I discovered a few years ago when a co-worker of mine suggested it as a great way to get out there and meet new people. Now I know what you're probably thinking and no this is not a dating site. Although they may have groups for that, I joined to network and meet others who share my interests and hobbies. They have groups for people who love to hike, enjoy photography, entrepreneurs, even cat fanatics. Okay, I'm not 100%sure about the cat fanatics group, but you get the picture. Surrounding yourself with people who share your interests and goals is a great way to stay inspired because you're able to collaborate and pull from their ideas. It's important to be around people who are in your aspiration circle. Birds of a feather, right?

05. Journal

In my earlier years, I use to journal a lot. I cannot begin to tell you how many notebooks and diaries I've been through. Writing has always been a silent release for me. I say silent because no one outside myself even had a clue that I loved it or was even doing it for that matter. Music, poetry or just purging my inner thoughts, I was always in a constant state of writing. How is that inspiring you may ask? Well . . . it allows me to get out everything I'm feeling and want to say with no fear attached. My blog post Inside Her Mind, Vol. 01 is a poem I wrote expressing what's real for me. Being inspired isn't just about pulling energy from outside sources to fulfill yourself. In fact, it's about putting that energy back into the universe to replenish it and who knows, maybe bring some inspiration to others. 

There are tons of ways to get inspired, big or small just find what works for you. Do you have trouble staying inspired? What are some things you do to keep your inspiration up?


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