Minding My Mental Space

Have you been good to yourself lately? Because to be quite honest, I haven't been . . .

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I've decided to start a life series of minding my mental space. I haven't been good to myself lately. Quite frankly I can't remember the last time I've been good to myself. It's so easy for me to do for others and be good to those around me but believe it or not, it's difficult for me to give myself that same grace & attention. Which is probably why I end up overworked & burnt out mentally, physically, spiritually & emotionally. It's now gotten to the point where my mind & body can't take it anymore and I have to begin to make some changes because my life literally is depending on it. My mental space & peace is everything & has to be a priority in my life, which is why I coined the term #MindingMyMentalSpace. People are always saying "Mind your business", so that is exactly what I'm doing - I am minding MY mental space, focusing solely on myself & what my needs are & here is how.

04 Ways To Mind Your Mental Space

01. Quiet your mind

I don't know about you but I have the busiest mind on the face of this earth. My mind runs 23490668 miles a minute & won't ever just shut the fuck up. I'm constantly overthinking about the fact that I overthink & I've had people tell me "you're thinking way too loud right now." So for my thinkers out there, it's so important to take the time to quiet yourself & your mind. For me it's right before bed - I'll lay in bed & meditate or listen to soothing sounds to clear my head. For you, it may be first thing in the morning or midday. The key is to make time every day - at least 10-15 mins to quiet your mind & eliminate the busy thoughts that are constantly going through your head.

02. Build a positive habit or routine

It takes about 3 weeks to build a habit or routine. How many times have you said "I'm going to start doing this" or "I really want to learn & do that" but you never get around to it? Doing things that make you happy or that you enjoy can increase your mental wellness. So I've made a list of some things I want to do & learn and decided to make them into habits so I can achieve or move forward with my goals. But, instead of trying to do them all at once & fail miserably at it, I'm going to tackle them one at a time, 3 weeks at a time. Meaning, I will start with one, do that thing every day for 3 weeks until it becomes a habit. Then I will move on to the next goal, do that for 3 weeks & so on & so forth . . . you get it. First on my list is working out & I'm on week #1. What will be first on your list?

03. Schedule an appointment or date night with yourself

Yes, I said with yourself. I don't mean to half-ass it either and just tell yourself mentally you have a date or appointment with yourself. I mean to fully commit to this, put it in your calendar & set several reminders kind of commit. You wouldn't cancel that business meeting or doctor's appointment would you? What about that date or plans to out with the guys or girls this weekend or next . . . you wouldn't break that, would you? So why would you do that with yourself? Aren't you just as important? Think about it.

04. Be kind to yourself

At the end of the day & above all, please be kind to yourself. Too often we are our biggest critics & beat ourselves up the hardest when we make mistakes & don't follow through on things but that is all apart of this beautiful thing called life. It's all about discovery, trying things, failing, seeing what else will work, possibly failing again - but ultimately picking yourself back up again. This world builds enough obstacles for us to work through with all of the things that are constantly against us, you don't need to make it your job to do that. So be kind. Give yourself a break and know that yea, you may have fucked up but you can try again or go a different route. Every day that God gives you is another day to make changes & get it right, so take advantage of that.

What are some other ways you're going to mind your mental space? I'm interested. & I'm all about accountability. I want you to hold me accountable throughout my life series journey. I call this Chapter 01, so I will keep you updated. Oh! & I'm a great accountability partner if you need one, just comment with your social handle & how you will be minding your mental space so I can keep you accountable.

I challenge you to take care of your mind. body. & soul. You have one life & there is only one you. I mean who else is going to love you better than you?

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