It's taken me so long to write this because I couldn't put into words the thoughts & emotions that are racing through me post-election. I still can't. I don't think I ever will be able to fully put how I really feel into concise thought out sentences. 

I woke up that morning hoping that maybe, just maybe it was all a dream. Maybe I still live in a nation where I will never have to physically see "whites only" or experience segregation on a massive scale. Maybe my niece won't have to grow up in a society like this. Maybe I won't have to explain to her how society use to be. Maybe none of it is real... But reality kicked in & the historical clock on this nation turned back 150 years. This can't be reality... You mean to tell me this country I call home that had such a strong power of unity during 9/11, during Katrina and Orlando, is the very country that is so divided, holds so much hatred towards one another and it's all centered around one man. The soon to be leader of the free world did what everyone else is afraid to do in 2016. He told the his truth. He has justified his and every other person's truth who secretly vocalizes and lives through hate and aggression. He reopened the flood gates and gave them a voice.

So I laid in bed and exhaled. I took a deep breath and exhaled. And I began to mentally and emotionally prepare myself for what the near future holds because now the veil has been lifted. The truth was told and society's eyes have been reopened. I think that's the scariest part. We thought that we've made a break through and lived past our nations transgressions and segregated ways. I knew history repeats itself, I just didn't know it would repeat so soon.

I know this to be true, that energy can neither be created nor destroyed, it merely is in continuous transformation and movement. Which means racism, hatred and ignorance will always be. It was never destroyed, the battle was never won...it was only concealed and lied dormant in the roots of this country.

So what do we do now? Better yet, what do I do? It starts with me. Oddly enough, I am not mad. All of what happened and what continues to happen, I am not mad. I can't be. I refuse to harbor anger for the uncontrollable. I had no control of the outcome of this election. If I did, my reality would be different. So instead I choose acceptance. Acceptance of the uncontrollable. Acceptance that the change & the reality I want to see starts with me. It starts with my family and what I will teach my children. It starts with my continued lineage. I accept the responsibility to be for the future generations, what my ancestors are and will forever be for me. This has and will always be my truth: Love is the only thing that can conquer hate & when applied can bring the change we want to see.

I now & forever will choose love and knowledge over hate and ignorance.

#Exhale #Love #Knowledge #NoHate #NoIgnorance

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