Twenty 9 is a good #

Last weekend I decided to throw myself a birthday party. I never had a birthday party before, let alone plan one of my own, so it was definitely an experience. All and all it turned out to be more than I expected & I was both happy and very surprised of the outcome. 

Let's take it back a few notches so I can explain why I decided to have a party in the first place...

I never use to put much thought into my birthday. It was just another day to me. I didn't feel that way by choice because I love birthdays. But there was never a big hoopla when it came to celebrating it with family & friends so by default it turned into not being a big deal. 

Growing up I was always so shy & I didn't have a lot of friends. I had this ongoing fear that if I ever had a birthday party no one would show up. Just like in those 1980's movies where the quiet girl has a sweet 16 birthday party & invites the whole school but no one shows. Now I know what your thinking, movies are movies but I've actually seen that scene play out right in front of me to a guy I knew & I was so humiliated for him. I was only 10 years old at the time but even at that age I told myself I would never let that happen to me if I could help it.

Fast forward 19 years & that thought still definitely crossed my mind. But I'm on this live my truth & don't give a shit journey so I told my inner self "It's time." 

Telling myself "It's time" means so much more than just it's time to finally throw myself a birthday party (that is for another post for another time...I promise). But it was time & why wait for the big 3-0 to do it.

So I decided to have a Not Quite 30 Birthday Party & I must say I didn't do too bad for myself. Two things were very clear going into this:

1. Timing. Because I love waiting until the last minute to do things (not really, but just go with it), I only had 3 weeks to plan & make this party happen all the while work, church & life is still happening.

2. Budget. This was a big one because with only 1 month on my new job, my coins were looking pretty tight. Not to mention my mother just had to give birth to me right around Christmas time. With those two factors I knew that I had to pretty much hand-make everything myself. 

Sidebar: If you want me to do some posts on my birthday DIY projects let me know in the comments below. Arts & crafts are sorta my thing.

Okay now back to what I was saying...Oh, I handmade everything from the selfie photo booth, my photo booth back drop, even down to my birthday outfit. That coupled with the help from my wonderful brother, sister, cousin & future sister-in-law my party came out exactly how I envisioned x 10.

Twenty-nine really is a great number. This is the first time in my life where I actually feel different post birthday. The first time I seriously took time to reflect over the past couple of years of my life & make decisions for me. No one else. At this age, things are just different, life is just different. All I can say now is it's time...time to start living.


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