Enhance your mood + relieve your stress with therapy dough, a squishable playdough that channels relief through the senses with its aromatic scent, soft texture, + calm color. Our dough is infused with 100% natural essential oils + is toxic free.


Each therapy dough comes in a single-use 4-oz reusable container



Lavender + Mint - an intoxicating aroma of lavender + mint, lavender color. Promotes calmness, relaxation + reduce stress.


Ylang Ylang + Bergamot - a rich blend of floral meets citrus, soft yellow color. Promotes uplifting your mood + alleviates stress + anxiety.


Eucalyptus + Mint - wake up your spirit with the perfect blend of eucalyptus + mint, mint green color. Promotes focus, energy + mental circulation.

Therapy Dough

  • Therapy dough can be used on the go, sitting at home or in the office. You can squeeze, mold, + stretch however you like while inhaling the sweet aroma of one of our three different types of doughs. Just sit back, relax, + let your cares + worries melt away.



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