These bath crystals are the perfect remedy to relax your mind, body + soul. Whether you need to calm, wake up or center your spiriit, these crystals can help with that


The bath crystals + foot soak comes in a single-use 1-oz glass test tube with a cork stopper + muslin bag



Lavender + Mint - an intoxicating aroma of lavender + mint will have you relaxed + ready for the night


Ylang Ylang + Bergamot - a rich blend of floral meets citrus which is perfect for any occasion 


Grapefruit + Mint - wake up your spirit with the perfect blend of grapefruit + mint to start your day

Wild Things Bathing Crystals

  • Pour bathing crystals in muslin pouch, tie + drop in tub. Crystals can be poured into water directly but you will need to remove buds from tub to prevent clogging.


    No tub? No worries, these crystals make for a great foot or hand soak. Take the same steps in your favorite foot or hand basin.

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